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Day of Giving – Tuesday, May 3rd

day_of_givingWhat is the Day of Giving? A 16‐hour online giving event run by The Pittsburgh Foundation and created to increase a collective culture of philanthropy in our region. The goal is simple –inspire Western Pennsylvanians to come together, show their pride in their communities, and contribute to support the life‐changing work of local nonprofit organizations.


The Day of Giving will take place Tuesday, May 3rd from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Donations will be accepted during this 16‐hour period through westmorelandgives.org (for organizations located in Westmoreland County)


WestmorelandGives: Westmoreland County Organizations have a $50,000 match pool provided by the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County and its donors. Contributions will be matched on a pro‐rated basis. Participating organizations will receive all contributions made through the website less a 5.99 percent credit card and technology fee plus the matching portion. There is no limit to the amount a nonprofit may raise on Day of Giving. However, only gifts between $25‐$1,000 per donor per organization will count towards the match pool.


Donor Information:

Who can make a donation on Day of Giving? Any individual or business can make a credit card donation to a nonprofit participating in Day of Giving.

How can I make a donation? Only MasterCard, Visa, or American Express donations can be accepted. Please note that the Day of Giving is a program of The Pittsburgh Foundation and your credit card statement will read THE PITTSBURGH FOUNDATION. No donations will be accepted via check, charitable gift cards, pre‐paid gift cards, cash, donor advised funds or stock. Discover donations will not be accepted. The cardholder must make the donation; no donations will be accepted by third parties.

I do not use credit cards. Can I make payments through Pay Pal or wire the money? No. Payments must be made through givingday.pittsburghgives.org

What is the minimum gift? The minimum donation per organization is $25.

Can my donation be refunded? No, however if you make a typing error while making a contribution, please contact The Pittsburgh Foundation within 48 hours of the event at 412‐391‐5122.

Is my donation tax deductible? Donations are 100% tax deductible. When you complete your donation you will receive an email from The Pittsburgh Foundation confirming your tax‐deductible gift. Please save the email for your records for tax purposes. Notification of your gift will be forwarded to the nonprofit(s) you select.

When will the nonprofits receive the donations? How much of the donation does the nonprofit

receive? Each nonprofit will receive a check within 60 days of the event’s end. All gifts are for operating support only. Donations may not be used to fulfill membership benefits or pledges, nor be directed to named or capital projects. All donations will be paid to the chosen nonprofit(s) net of the credit card fees and Kimbia processing fees which total 5.99%

Is my gift safe and secure? Yes. The event website is powered by Kimbia Inc. and is a secure PCIlevel compliant site. Please click here (https://kimbia.com/privacy‐policy/) to read Kimbia Inc.’s privacy policy.